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Curated Collection Of The Best Interviews From Our Chattanooga Studio

Marcel Schwantes from Leadership from the Core


Marcel Schwantes / Leadership from the Core Twitter Linkedin

Marcel Schwantes is an executive coach, leadership trainer, entrepreneur, columnist, thinker, Dodgers fan, defender of the least of these, husband and father. He’s also the founder of Leadership From the Core, the only servant-leadership development boutique in Chattanooga dedicated to growing leaders and healthy work cultures.


James Cowan from ProviderLinc and Micah Johnson from GoFanBase


James Cowan / ProviderLinc  Twitter Linkedin

James Cowan is a native of Flint, MI who moved to Chattanooga, TN in July of 2014. In addition to his previous entrepreneurial endeavors, he has spent the last 5 years helping large investor owned utilities with their energy efficiency and sustainability programs.

Micah Johnson / GoFanBase  Twitter 

Seun Erinle of Grid Principles and A.I.R. Labs


Seun Erinle / Grid Principles and A.I.R. Labs Twitter

Seun Erinle is a designer, teacher, and entrepreneur. She owns two companies, Grid Principles – a graphic design and web development shop, and A.I.R. Labs – an environment to inspire your imagination
and build your digital confidence. Her educational background is in Computer Science and Digital Art & Design. She loves being creative and teaching.