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Curated Collection Of The Best Interviews From Our Chattanooga Studio

Robbie Hillis of ARK Labs and Platt Boyd of Branch Technology

Robbie Hillis // ARK Labs Facebook Linkedin Twitter 

Platt Boyd // Branch Technology Facebook Linkedin Twitter 
What goes on in an accelerator program is often a little blurry when it comes down to the details. Do you ever wonder if an accelerator program actually helps grow and improve a business?   

We are pleased to have Robbie Hillis of ARK Labs and Platt Boyd of 3D Ops providing their unique experiences through Chattanooga’s GIGTank accelerator program. 

If there is anything you are questioning, just take the advice of Robbie and Platt:“Taking the step to apply is the most important step you can take, because if you are questioning whether or not you are ready, you probably are!” – Robbie Hillis  “For any accelerator program, anyone that has got the seed of an idea is the perfect candidate. You’re coming out of the process ready to build a business and begin the investment process.” -Platt Boyd 

Listen now to our interview during Startup Week Chattanooga 2016!

Penny Hughey of STEAM Society

Penny Hughey // STEAM Society Facebook Linkedin Twitter 

Penny Hughey is the Director of Partnership Development at STEAM Society, a new startup company in Chattanooga. STEAM Society is a unique camp initiative that will be run and directed by the STEAM Team; a group of dedicated professionals committed to making STEAM education a realized dream across the socio-economic playing field.

In this podcast, we answer the questions like: “Who said kids aren’t entrepreneurs and natural scientists?” STEAM Society has provided the means for middle school and high school level students to explore their natural abilities further through fun, challenging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities. STEAM Society works to intentionally open doors for careers and jobs that your child may have never though possible. Making sure that all kids are getting the same opportunities is at the heart of STEAM Society. Listen now to learn more about the different opportunities offered by STEAM Society!

Interested? Contact Penny Hughey at

Our host, Brittany Newman and guest, Penny Hughey.

Carlos Pielago of Chattanooga Eats

Carlos Pielago // Chattanooga Eats Facebook Linkedin Twitter 

In this podcast, Carlos speaks about the atmospheres, personality, and diversity in Chattanooga restaurants. From one of the leading cities in innovation, we sat down to talk about entrepreneurship in the food scene as well. Chattanooga Eats is working on expanding their reach and helping “elevate the scene” in this interconnected city. In this show, Carlos highlighted the city’s culture perfectly, “the more we help each other, the more we are going to improve” and Chattanooga Eats is certainly doing that! Venture out October 5th to the ChattanoogaEats event “The pop-up restaurant challenge” for Startup Week.

Judy Reinke on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Judy Reinke //  Deputy Director General at Global Markets/U.S. Department of Commerce

Judy Rising Reinke has served as Deputy Director General of the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) since June 3, 2013.  In this role, Judy is the chief operating officer of the U.S. Government’s premier export promotion agency managing its 100 domestic and 75+ overseas trade offices.

Judy has actively been involved in numerous offices throughout her career, beginning her career in the Bureau of Export Administration and Import Administration, and going on to act as Secretary General for the U.S. Commercial Service.

To find more about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, follow the link here:  and here: