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Robbie Hillis of ARK Labs and Platt Boyd of Branch Technology

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Platt Boyd // Branch Technology Facebook Linkedin Twitter 
What goes on in an accelerator program is often a little blurry when it comes down to the details. Do you ever wonder if an accelerator program actually helps grow and improve a business?   

We are pleased to have Robbie Hillis of ARK Labs and Platt Boyd of 3D Ops providing their unique experiences through Chattanooga’s GIGTank accelerator program. 

If there is anything you are questioning, just take the advice of Robbie and Platt:“Taking the step to apply is the most important step you can take, because if you are questioning whether or not you are ready, you probably are!” – Robbie Hillis  “For any accelerator program, anyone that has got the seed of an idea is the perfect candidate. You’re coming out of the process ready to build a business and begin the investment process.” -Platt Boyd 

Listen now to our interview during Startup Week Chattanooga 2016!